What Regular People have in Common with Celebrities: Divorce

What Regular People have in Common with Celebrities: Divorce

Luckily most of us don’t live out our private lives in front of the world on television, but those celebrities who do, handle their divorces much like we do in many ways.

Fans of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Orange County” may be familiar with the very public divorce of its star Shannon Beador and her husband, David. The divorce was initially filed by Shannon in December 2017 and it was finalized in Orange County Superior Court on April 25th.

The Orange County couple, who were married 17 years and have three daughters Sophie, 17, and 14-year-old twins Adeline and Stella, finalized their divorce and split finances and assets.

When they initially split, Shannon had full custody of the children. However, the final ruling is that both parents will share legal and physical custody of their children equally. This is typically the case, unless either parent raises concerns about the other’s ability to provide a stable home.

Spousal and Child Support

Meanwhile, David will be paying Shannon $2,935 per month in child support for the girls and $7,065 for spousal support. The $10,000 per month payments will continue for 10 years and David will also pay for the children’s health insurance coverage. The courts will determine how much support should be granted by calculating how much income each spouse earned, their future earning capacity, health and standard of living during the marriage.

We should point out that the final support decree for the Beador’s was down significantly from the temporary support of $22,500 per month she was initially granted. This temporary support was designed by the courts to maintain the status quo or standard of living until a final judgement by the courts is made.

Who Gets what?

As part of the Beador divorce settlement, both parents must remain living in Orange County, David will keep the rights to Beador Construction Company and she will hold on to her entertainment company.

Other assets the courts divided were the couple’s vehicles. Shannon is to keep two cars and David will keep six vehicles.

Shannon will also retain some of their bank accounts, home furnishings she has and she will receive a one-time payment of $1.4 million to equalize the divorce. David will retain the couple’s Corona property and home furnishings there.

Dividing up the assets can be easy if both spouses agree, but that is not always the case. The courts may need to intervene. First, property obtained prior to the marriage or inherited and not comingled is separated from community property or assets acquired during the marriage. In some cases, properties such as homes or vehicles may need to be sold so that they may be equitably divided.

We can certainly learn a lot about divorce by looking to Hollywood couples and learning from their mistakes or their successes. However, every divorce is unique and has its own challenges.

A qualified Family Law Attorney can help you through the complicated process of divorce and make sure you are treated fairly.

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Meanwhile, stay tuned for Season 14 of the Real Housewives of Orange County. The show is currently in production, however, it’s unknown if the divorce will be highlighted in any of the episodes.

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