Find The Best Paternity Lawyer

Find The Best Paternity Lawyer

If you need to establish a paternity case or you need legal help opposing one, Johnson Attorneys Group has an established family law practice with skilled paternity law attorneys who can help you with all your legal needs. Our Orange County paternity attorneys have extensive knowledge of California family laws as well as the resources to handle every type of case, including yours.

What are Paternal Rights in Orange County?

The courts may determine who is legally a child’s parent in cases where biological parents are not married, there is a same-sex relationship or a domestic partnership. If a child is born to a single mother, for example, there will be no legal father until the court establishes his identity. The court will issue an official Declaration of Paternity upon its decision of who the biological father is. Under California law, married parents are automatically considered the biological parents if the child is born during that marriage. If a child is born to parents who are registered domestic partners after Jan. 1, 2005, the law will assume they are both legally the child’s parents.

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Resolving Paternity Matters

There are times when a parent must take steps to resolve the paternity of their child, whether it’s for financial or medical purposes or simply to allow the child and father to explore a relationship. We care about families and we know that taking steps to establish paternity can be an emotional experience without the necessary support and legal advice. We will help make this happen so that you and your family can focus on your future.

Reasons why paternity is necessary:

  • Financial support for the child
  • Visitation rights
  • Both parent’s names on child’s birth certificate
  • Knowledge and access family medical history
  • Access to potential health and life insurance coverage
  • Legal documentation that verifies parentage
  • Access to any government benefits the established parent may receive
  • Right to inherit from both parents
  • Rights to social security and veteran’s benefits where applicable
  • The right to emotional support from the established parent

After the courts have established paternity, the father will be required to provide financial support to their child and he will have the right to seek custody or visitation. Sometimes a man identified as the father of a child may dispute biological parenthood. If this is the case, DNA testing may be requested to determine paternity. A father may establish paternity by signing a Declaration of Paternity. An alternate way is by petitioning for a court-ordered declaration.

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