Johnson Attorneys Group Are Experienced Modification Lawyers

Johnson Attorneys Group Are Expert Modification Lawyers

Modifications to a child custody or visitation ruling are complicated and may upset the stability of a child’s living situation, therefore it is crucial to prove there is a substantial change in a parent’s circumstances before the court will consider a modification. You need to seek out the guidance of a qualified modification attorney to present your case and at Johnson Attorneys Group we have the skill and the experience to get you the results you want and that your family deserves.

What is the Modification Process?

Are you disappointed, frustrated or disagree with a decision made in family law court? Or perhaps your circumstances have changed and the order that finalized your child custody, visitation, child or spousal support needs to be updated to reflect your new and current situation. Maybe you are upset by the results and feel that your case was not fairly heard in the court. No matter what the circumstances are, you have the right to appeal to the family law court to request an adjustment or modification of the current decision. It’s strongly advised that you seek legal representation to assist you in the modification process. Our Orange County modification lawyers have handled these types of cases and we can handle yours.

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Modifications to a California Divorce Ruling

The best and most efficient approach to adjusting a divorce ruling is when both parties are able to agree to modifications that must be made. Despite reaching an agreement, both parties must present their case to the court for endorsement and judgment. Once this happens, the court is able to make it legally binding and enforce the new, better and mutual agreement.

In the event that you and your former spouse are unable to reach a mutual agreement, one should appeal or petition the court with specific legal grounds and facts to support their case. Those seeking a child support modification attorney should have proof that there has been a noteworthy change in regards to your former spouse’s situation.

Some examples include:

  • Your spouse has remarried
  • A change in a spouse’s occupation significantly affecting their previous income
  • A permanent disability
  • The child’s needs are altered by an illness or injury

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