High Asset Divorce

Understanding High Asset Divorce

Couples with large estates face more complicated divorces than the average litigant. These divorces are complex and nuanced because there is a lot at stake. High asset divorce further complicates issues like spousal support, child support, and property division. Child custody and visitation conflict can increase dramatically because parties have the resources they need to ramp up and endure costly litigation. As these cases address more issues and require more experts than the average divorce case, they can take longer to reach settlement and can be costlier.

If you are going through a divorce in Los Angeles County or Orange County, you need an experienced divorce lawyer who understands your case. Your divorce case will require organization, sound strategy, great experts, and individual guidance to get you through the divorce process efficiently and successfully. The divorce lawyers at Johnson Attorneys Group have the experience to be the professional partner you need to confidently endure what can be a dramatic and stressful time. We have the resources to help you reach your goals and protect your interests, efficiently.

Some divorce attorneys in Los Angeles County and Orange County see a high profile or high asset divorce case as an opportunity to make money. Not us. We always work diligently with our clients to get an efficient outcome, regardless of the size of his or her estate. We want to do right by our clients and earn their respect. Personal referrals are everything in family law. We will do what is necessary to meet your objectives, and nothing more.

High Asset Divorce Attorneys

The divorce attorneys at Johnson Attorneys Group in Newport Beach and Los Angeles have handled many high-asset divorce cases for clients with business interests and professional practices, or clients with complicated financial, accounting, legal, or tax issues. We have worked with CEOs, start-up founders, venture capitalists, and patent owners. Our clients have had large real estate portfolios locally and internationally. We have helped clients earn, and defend against, large spousal support (alimony) awards and extraordinarily high child support orders. We have worked with some of the best experts throughout the state of California to appraise and account for the interests of our clients. Our team of experienced family law professionals can give your case the individual attention your case requires, while employing strategies to protect your privacy.

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Johnson Attorneys Group has earned a reputation in the Los Angeles County and Orange County communities for our handling of complicated divorces. As trusted leaders in family law, we are here to support your needs and protect your best interests. For exceptional experience resolving all issues related to high asset divorce, including child support, asset division, spousal support, and more, call us at (949) 942-8784.

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