Johnson Attorneys Are Experienced In Alimony Law

Johnson Attorneys Are Experienced In Alimony Law

Individuals receiving alimony or those who are providing it, may find the right solutions with the help of a qualified legal team. Johnson Attorneys Group are highly experienced in alimony law, conveniently located in Newport Beach with the skills, expertise, resources and knowledge to handle your case, put your best interests first and bring resolution to an already incredible difficult time. Our clients’ needs are put first and we will work diligently to provide sound legal guidance and expertise.

How to Determine Alimony, Spousal Support

Alimony laws are meant to help make a divorce financially fair to both former spouses. Alimony is money that is typically ordered by the court to be paid by one spouse or domestic partner to the other following a legal separation or divorce. Spousal maintenance or spousal support is paid every month by the spouse who has greater means to provide. The lower-earning spouse receives this money to help maintain their quality of living when they part ways. However, the laws around alimony aren't always that simple. For example, alimony is typically only awarded when a former spouse is unable to meet their own financial needs. The other spouse would then be ordered to pay it, if they have the means to provide it.

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Every California divorce or separation case is different and will be defined by the people involved and their unique family needs. The couple’s finances and their particular circumstances will create a framework in which the courts will use to decide what is most fair for both parties. The outcome may cause one or both parties considerable stress and there are many times when emotions will run high as a result. There is no question that some situations are going to be incredibly difficult which is why you need an expert from Johnson Family Law Group in your corner.

California Alimony Guidelines

There are two types of spousal support outlined in California Alimony Law: temporary and permanent. During the divorce proceedings, a spouse may receive temporary alimony until the divorce is finalized, at which time permanent alimony is awarded.

The spouse with the higher income will typically be required to make regular payments to the spouse with the lower income. The law protects the lower-income spouse by ensuring they are provided with the same standard of living they were accustomed to when they were married.

Our clients typically want to know how much alimony they will either pay or receive as well as how long this support is required. In these cases, the individual circumstances of the couple are considered.

Some factors that may be considered include:

  • How many years they were married
  • Earnings of both parties
  • Debt and other financial obligations
  • Health and age of each spouse
  • How much the supported spouse contributed to other spouse’s career in terms of training, education, etc.
  • How long the supported spouse was unable to work due to caring for children

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