Modifying Family Law Orders in California

Our attorneys can assist you with custody and support modifications.

When circumstances change, counsel can help you take steps to modify child custody, child support, and spousal support orders by stipulation or hearing.



You must illustrate changed circumstances to modify custody, visitation, or support orders.

  • You may be able to modify your order if there has been a change in circumstances. For instance, parties move, schedules change, parties lose jobs and are unable to pay child or spousal support.
  • Not all orders can be modified. Speak to a family law attorney to ensure modifiability.

Many California orders can be modified by agreement or following a hearing.

  • Counsel can help to modify your order by written agreement before filing a request with the Court.
  • If parties can’t agree, the party seeking modification must submit a Request for Order detailing the orders requested, what has changed, and why the Court should grant the request. The requesting party will receive a court date and the other party will have a chance to respond.
  • At the hearing, the Court will ultimately decide to modify the orders or leave the orders as-is.

If you cannot agree, seek counsel before attending a modification hearing.

  • Hearings for modification requests can be daunting for unrepresented parties. One or both parties may seek to admit evidence or testimony, and the other party has the right to cross-examine the other party.
  • Seek competent legal representation to assist you in the modification process.
Your Modifications Lawyer

If your or your spouse’s situation has changed substantially since the ruling, we can help you appeal the judge’s decision. We will help you decide whether or not an appeal is in your best interests.

We Can Help With:
  • Evaluate your case for modification.
  • Establish whether the facts of your case warrant modification.
  • Gather evidence in support of modification.
  • Request modification to existing support and/or custody orders.
Obtain a Modification

After Judgment is ordered, child support, spousal support, and child custody orders can be modified, with some exceptions. Johnson Attorneys Group can help you modify your orders in court or by agreement.

Johnson Attorneys Group: Modification Lawyers in Orange County, California

Modifications to child support, spousal support, child custody, or visitation agreements may be modified after Judgment is entered, but can also be prohibited by law or complicated. Child custody and visitation orders may upset the stability of a child’s living situation, so you may have an uphill battle to obtain a modified order, even if you are able to prove there has been a change in circumstances. You will need to show the Court that you have the legal right to request a modification and show why the modification is in the best interest of your child or supported by the facts of your case.

Modifying your child custody and visitation or support order can be a complex matter. Our family law attorneys have handled many modification requests and are prepared to handle yours. The attorneys at Johnson Attorney Group are here to help.

If you hope to modify a family law order, speak with one of our experienced attorneys to evaluate your case and ensure you have grounds to seek modification. Learn your rights when it comes to modifications: call 949-942-8784 to request a consultation today.

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