Divorce rates in US Surge amid COVID-19 pandemic

Divorce rates in US Surge amid COVID-19 pandemic

Skyrocketing divorce rates amid Covid-19 pandemic

 Divorce rates in US Surge amid COVID-19 pandemicMost people are trying to make the best out of quarantine life.

Togetherness can certainly bring some married couples closer. However, while this may be a good thing for some, the coronavirus pandemic has had the opposite effect for many others. Quarantine orders have put more stress on some California relationships that were already at risk.

Indeed, there has been a notable rise in divorce cases that is coinciding with the Covid-19 pandemic after couples became locked in together. Spouses and children are both at home more often now that they are working there and or homeschooling.

Stay-at-home orders have meant limited extracurricular activities, fewer social relationships and ultimately, just too much togetherness. Sadly, many marital relationships have been permanently impacted.

Stay-at-home orders have meant there are limited extracurricular activities, fewer if any social relationships with friends and ultimately, little time away from each other. Sadly, many marital relationships have been permanently impacted.

Couples seeking divorce these days are ready to move forward with their lives and many are even seeking out counseling to handle the stress. While divorce rates were already about 50 percent for married California couples, a major crisis such as the coronavirus pandemic can push couples even further apart. Domestic violence and child abuse cases are also on the rise.

Indeed, Johnson Family Law Attorneys understands the needs of our community. The family law firm saw a rise in requests for separation in mid-April, just two to three weeks after the lockdowns in California began.

Divorce Rate, Domestic Violence Up Across the United States

Indeed, the number of people seeking a divorce in the United States was 34 percent higher between March through June compared to the same period a year ago, according to a New York Post.

Some of the stresses that have impacted couples this year include money concerns, sickness or hospitalization, mental illness, boredom, lack of solitude, conflicts over the kids, online school, chores and lack of regular exercise. These issues are compounded further by increases in domestic violence, anxiety, depression, unemployment, loss and grief.

Roughly one out of every three couples or 31 percent of those who filed for divorce during the pandemic admitted the lockdown was the cause of the irreconcilable differences in their marriage, according to data compiled by a legal template firm.

The pandemic has very likely impacted every one of us in some way, but not all relationships can survive these types of stresses. Additionally, the number of domestic violence cases reported in the United States has dropped, but experts say they believe these types of cases have actually risen. Victims are often economically dependent on their spouse and now they fear they will have no where to go. Meanwhile, children are especially at risk because they are no longer in school or other programs where teachers and other professionals may recognize or identify possible abuse.

Health Risks Due to Cheating Amid Pandemic

Couples who suspect their spouse may be cheating on them have more urgency to separate due to the fear of being exposed to the virus.

Marital experts report that couples isolated at home may feed their sexual addictions or seek out affairs to cure their boredom. Infidelity amid the pandemic for couples with children puts the entire family at risk for Covid-19.

Despite the obvious risk, some dating websites have reported a surge in new users during the pandemic. The rise is likely due to limited opportunities to meet people and socialize. For cheating spouses, these dating sites are a place to feed their ego or engage in sexting online, but physical contact is also on the table. The uptick in interest at these dating sites during the pandemic has been similar to the surge they report after the Christmas holidays when families have spent more time together and conflicts wear down their relationship.

Impact of Coronavirus on California Courts

 Divorce rates in US Surge amid COVID-19 pandemicThe Southern California family law attorney notes that courts were closed down for a period of time, but when they finally reopened there were backlogs, reduced hours, new safety measures and fewer staff making it difficult to resolve child custody issues. Some courts may also consider virtual hearings as video conferencing becomes even more common. Attorneys are already using these techniques for depositions and other civil legal proceedings.

Some courts are on the cutting edge, with judges, lawyers and other court officials racing to learn how to use new technology. To limit exposure to all parties involved, many are now permitting remote judicial proceedings and court operations. These emergency rules will “extend 90 days after the Governor declares that the state of emergency related to the COVID-19 pandemic is lifted, or until amended or repealed by the Judicial Council,” according to the California Courts website.

Working it Out or Moving On?

Only the strongest relationships will survive major stresses such as a pandemic and financial problems.

There is help for those spouses who are willing to work out their differences. Couples counselors say some spouses are able to set aside their differences and work together to fix their relationship and keep their family together. The pandemic has given parents more time with their children and for many families that has been a blessing.

In conclusion, if all else fails and a family can’t work out their problems, speak with a divorce lawyer and discuss co-parenting strategies, visitation and child support plans when both parties are in a good place.

To avoid costly mistakes during your divorce, educate yourself and speak with an experienced divorce team who can provide you with professional guidance and help you avoid wasting money and time. Contact Johnson Attorneys Group at 949-942-8784 to request a free case evaluation.

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