Determining Child Support

Our attorneys can answer your child support questions

California child support is set by a complex statutory formula. Nevertheless, there are strategic ways to maximize or minimize your child support payments. Competent counsel can help protect your interests.



The higher-earning parent should expect to pay child support.

  • California child support laws require custodial and noncustodial parents to contribute financially to the care and basic needs of their children such as medical care, housing, clothing, and education.
  • Statewide formula is used to determine minimal levels of child support based on timeshare percentage, income, taxes, and payroll deductions. The result of the calculation generates “guideline child support.”
  • Child support is based on the parents’ net spendable income, so a parent may be ordered to pay support even if the other party is employed.

Child support can be addressed by agreement or court hearing.

  • Child support is not automatically ordered when parents file for divorce or establish parentage. The requesting parent must file a Request for Order.
  • Parents can agree on a child support order that is higher or lower than the California guideline with a written stipulation.
  • If parents cannot agree, the Court will review the parties’ financial documents and enter an order. This order can only be modified if there is a change of circumstances.

Child support can become a complex issue.

  • Experienced counsel can protect you from over-paying child support or receiving less than you are due. Counsel should be thorough and informed.
  • Legal tug-of-war between parents can be hard on kids. An experienced custody lawyer can help to minimize destructive litigation and protect the vital role you play in your child’s life.
Demystify the Process

Addressing child support can be overwhelming but doesn’t have to be. You will feel confident when armed with the right information and the backing of an experienced legal team. We can help you understand the law and determine how to put you in the best position possible.


We Can Help You:
  • Evaluate your child support case.
  • Request child support or respond to a request.
  • Search for hidden income that may be available for child support.
  • Work with financial experts to prepare a cash flow report if either parent owns a business.
  • Modify an existing child support payment due to a change in circumstances.
Child Support Add-Ons

Child support in California may go beyond a single monthly payment. Non-reimbursable healthcare costs and childcare expenses may be included. If your child has special needs or is engaged in extracurricular activities, you may need an order for various child support add-ons.

Johnson Attorneys Group: Child Support Attorneys in Orange County, CA

At Johnson Attorneys Group our family lawyers are ready to help you find real solutions in your child support matter. Whether you have a simple or a complex situation, we have the resources and expertise necessary to negotiate a fair support order or seek an order after evidentiary hearing. When necessary, we will issue written discovery and investigate what income is available for child support. In your case, we may advise you hire a vocational evaluator to assess the other parent’s earning capacity. Our approach will focus on providing for your child while protecting your financial interests. Our attorneys can also assist you if you need to enforce a previous order or modify an existing order.

There is no “one size fits all” approach to child support in family law matters. We encourage you to meet with an experienced attorney to understand the law and the various issues you may face in your unique child support case. Call (949) 942-8784 to request a private consultation with a family law attorney.

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