Custody of Your Children is Paramount.

Consult our knowledgeable child custody and visitation attorneys.

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Best interest of the child determines child custody arrangements.

  • Legal custody and physical custody are at stake in California cases involving children.
  • Legal custody means having decision-making power over welfare decisions for your child, such as health and education.
  • Physical custody relates to where the child physically resides. Visitation or parenting time is based on a court ordered schedule.
  • Parents must attend mediation before the Court will make custody or visitation orders.

Our attorneys have the experience to know that first impressions matter.

  • The Court has wide discretion in making custody and visitation decisions, so how you present yourself and your parenting abilities to the judge matters.
  • California courts tend to favor joint custody, aim to maintain the status quo for the children, and will not make decisions based on gender.

Protect your children – and your relationship with them – from unnecessary litigation.

  • Legal tug-of-war between parents can be hard on kids. An experienced custody lawyer can help to minimize destructive litigation and protect the vital role you play in your child’s life.

Position Yourself for Success

Settling your child custody issues should be a priority. Nevertheless, your legal team should have experience litigating child custody matters so that you are prepared to present evidence to the Court if necessary.

We Can Help To:

  • Evaluate the strength of your case and your goals.
  • Establish your fitness as a parent and secure a visitation schedule by agreement or in court.
  • Modify or enforce existing custody arrangements.

Be Informed and Confident

The attorneys at Johnson Attorneys Group are constantly learning about developments in California custody law. You can be confident that we will determine the best way to approach your case – together.

Johnson Attorneys Group: Child Custody Attorneys in Orange County, CA

When two adults end their relationship, their children are often collateral damage. Family court litigation can cause tremendous pain and anguish for the whole family. If the parents cannot agree on what is in their children’s best interest, the Court will step in and make a ruling on legal custody and parenting time. Family law judges have broad discretion to make custody and visitation orders, so placing the decision in a judge’s hands can be unpredictable and risky. What the Court thinks is in your child’s best interest may be inconsistent with your perspective.

At Johnson Attorneys Group, we practice family law in Orange County exclusively. We have seen the judges who will be deciding your children’s fate in action and will use our experience to guide you. If you face obstacles to meaningful parenting time, we will work with you on how to overcome them. Our lawyers will work with you to find custody and visitation solutions for you and your children, in or out of court.

Your children are important to you, so they are important to us. Call 949-942-8784 to speak with one of our child custody and visitation lawyers today.

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