7 Ways Parents Can Share Child Custody on Halloween

7 Ways Parents Can Share Child Custody on Halloween

How to Share Child Custody on Halloween Safely and Peacefully

6 Ways Parents Can Share Child Custody on HalloweenThere’s nothing scarier on Halloween than parents fighting over who gets to share this special night with their children.

Recently divorced or separated parents may not be ready to give up this fun holiday with their child. They also may not want to see their former spouse or spend the holiday with them. The best solution is to try to work with your former spouse so that Halloween is fun, safe and a memorable experience for your child. However, that may not always be possible and adults should take steps to ensure everyone is happy.

The best scenario involves both parents agreeing. Maybe even joint trick-or-treating in some cases.

Here are 7 ways divorced parents can share Halloween:

1. Make a Plan
Halloween is a special time for both children and their parents. Since the holiday falls on a different day every year, this could create a potential issue between parents due to visitation schedules. Your child may want to celebrate in one way or another with both parents separately. It’s best to schedule Halloween activities ahead of time to ensure each parent has time with the child or children on Halloween.

2. Trick-or-Treating Together May be an Option
Some parents remain on good terms after a divorce or separation. They could decide to take their child or children out together as a family trick-or-treating. Inviting other friends or relatives to join in may also be an option. Parents who work together and share happy memories will provide a good example for their children.

3. Splitting Trick-or-Treating Time
It may be too soon for some parents to consider family time together with their children. Or if parents just don’t get along together well or there are other issues, it may be best to split your child’s time equally between mother and father. One solution may be to split trick-or-treating time between the parents in their respective neighborhoods.

4. Family Themed Costumes 
Some families have a tradition of coordinating their costumes. Parents can make suggestions, but it may be best to have your child decide on the costume theme and let each parent collaborate what they will wear with their child.

5. What to do about Step Parents, Siblings and Half Siblings 
Matters may get even more complicated when there are multiple siblings, step parents, step-children and other relatives all vying to spend time with the children.  It may be best to split Halloween into day and night activities if necessary.

6. Pumpkin  Patches, Spooky Events, Carving Jack-o-Lanterns
There are lots of fun activities to share with your child over the Halloween season. Pumpkin patches, hayrides, school events, carving pumpkins into Jack-o-lanterns and more. Try to focus on the time you spend with your child together and avoid conflicts with your ex-partner.

7. Create New Traditions
There are cases where former spouses are unable to work together and communication is problematic. In these situations, it may be time to create new traditions with your child. Depending on each parent’s schedule, it may be easy to determine who gets what shift. If not, let the child decide. In that case, you may need to create a tradition where you and your child have a special Halloween-themed party, visit an amusement park or pumpkin patch together or a scary movie night on a day before or after Halloween.

Our Law Firm Works to Solve Child Custody Issues

No matter what your family decides to do this year, Johnson Attorneys Group hopes it is a happy Halloween!

Whether parents need to create a new agreement or enforce one that is already in place, we can help you find solutions for you and your former spouse that ensure all parties involved are taken care of. Please call our firm today at Phone: 949-942-8784 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

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